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FryPlayer is fast and easy to use HTML5 video player. Main feature is that he is completely free to use!


how to use

  1. Download FryPlayer.
  2. Copy js, css and images folders into your project. Next, add the following code into the section in your HTML document.
    Make sure that the paths to the files are correct.
  3. Additional settings.

    Default settings: 'width': 640, 'height': 360, 'volume': 50, 'watermark': ['images/watermark.png','right bottom','1'], 'skin': 'dark'

  4. How to add video.

    Working demo can be found in the archive.


Follow the development of FryPlayer and don't miss the latest improvements. Also, here you can find older versions of player.

v0.2 from 12.10.2010 download

  • fixed bug, concerning Mute On/Off
  • fixed bug when displaying context menu
  • added option for placing your own Logo/Watermark
  • minor optimizations

v0.1 form 16.08.2010 download

  • free
  • skin support
  • easy to use
  • fullscreen mode
  • lightweight, thanks to jQuery
  • buffering
  • without additional plug-ins
  • intuitive shortcuts keys
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FryPlayer works in all popular browsers that take full advantage of the capabilities of HTML5 video element!


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